Monday, October 27, 2008

Basis of Search Engine Optimization

This is in continuation to our previous article in which we discussed what a web site owner should know about search engine optimization and told in detail what are the main steps in search engine optimization. Now we would like to discuss why a web master need search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is simply an effort to replace normal marketing and sales efforts. It’s like you are hiring some one to do your on line sales.

Main objective of Search engine optimization is to have more sales on site. However search engine optimization results can be divided in phases like:

1. Indexing on Search engines

2. Page rank

3. Ranking of keywords

4. Increase in unique visitors visiting site

5. Increase in search on most relevant keywords

6. Increase in Sales

We can further divide Search engine optimization in phases as per results and working procedure.

There are several steps in Search engine optimization but these can be group together in

1. Analysis and reporting

2. Network Building

3. Link Building

4. Research

Here we can use Network building for Increase in unique visitors visiting site, Increase in search on most relevant keywords and finally Increase in Sales. Similarly link building is important for Page rank ranking of keywords.

Search engine optimization procedures are not difficult but need very close and regular analysis and timely decisions to avoid wastage of efforts and to get required results in shortest possible time.

Search engines keep changing their algorithm to rank sites so research is one of the most important aspect of Search engine optimization and any organization or individual involved in search engine optimization can not bring required results if they are out of touch from recent trends in search engine optimization.

There are lots of resources available to keep yourself equipped with latest trends and information related to Search Engine optimization. However brain storming is must to have right decision.


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