Monday, October 27, 2008

Basis of Search Engine Optimization

This is in continuation to our previous article in which we discussed what a web site owner should know about search engine optimization and told in detail what are the main steps in search engine optimization. Now we would like to discuss why a web master need search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is simply an effort to replace normal marketing and sales efforts. It’s like you are hiring some one to do your on line sales.

Main objective of Search engine optimization is to have more sales on site. However search engine optimization results can be divided in phases like:

1. Indexing on Search engines

2. Page rank

3. Ranking of keywords

4. Increase in unique visitors visiting site

5. Increase in search on most relevant keywords

6. Increase in Sales

We can further divide Search engine optimization in phases as per results and working procedure.

There are several steps in Search engine optimization but these can be group together in

1. Analysis and reporting

2. Network Building

3. Link Building

4. Research

Here we can use Network building for Increase in unique visitors visiting site, Increase in search on most relevant keywords and finally Increase in Sales. Similarly link building is important for Page rank ranking of keywords.

Search engine optimization procedures are not difficult but need very close and regular analysis and timely decisions to avoid wastage of efforts and to get required results in shortest possible time.

Search engines keep changing their algorithm to rank sites so research is one of the most important aspect of Search engine optimization and any organization or individual involved in search engine optimization can not bring required results if they are out of touch from recent trends in search engine optimization.

There are lots of resources available to keep yourself equipped with latest trends and information related to Search Engine optimization. However brain storming is must to have right decision.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What you know before going for Search Engine Optimization

If you are owner of a web site, you should think for Search Engine Optimization. It is time consuming job and need patience but in the long run Search Engine Optimization is the most beneficial thing for your web site. It gives life to your web site on cyber net and keeps your web site working for you.

Search Engine Optimization is a name of few simple processes that brings your web site on top of search engines for desired keywords but these simple processes need a deep thought and continuous planning. Unplanned efforts without having corrected thinking will lead your web site to no where.

At least following aspects are must to think about before starting Search Engine Optimization and even during Search Engine Optimization process.

1. Target Market

It is important to be specific about your target market, instead of trying to spread your web site globally, if you can not provide services globally.

2. Target Audience

You should know about the audience of your web site, their age limits, gender, demography etc

3. Target sales

It is important to set your objective. This is easy. First set your expected monthly sales in some given time, say after six monthly. Based on that you can decide how many inquiries you need per month and that will give you idea for visitor per month for the site and searches per month

4. Relevant Keywords

Points mentioned above will help in deciding your correct keywords. This is not necessary that these are the most popular keywords on the net but should be relevant to your web site and your business.

5. Web site design

Design must reflect your business and personality of the organization. So that once a visitor comes to site, he/she should get interest in your web site.

6. Site content

Content is king. Make sure that visitor must get required information from your web site

7. Community awareness

Relevant messages, comments, articles are very important part of Search Engine Optimization. Its viral marketing sort of thing, spread your web site very quickly on cyber space.

8. Analysis

Without proper analysis, Search Engine Optimization may result in vain. It is very important to analyze results monthly if not possible weekly. Analysis should include visits, searches, sales and comments from community.

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