Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ecommerce solution for under developed countries

Internet today is filled with million of web sites and mainly ecommerce based web sites for single product sales to thousands of products on a single site. Then there are different kinds of services available for sale on web sites using similar ecommerce solution.
It is assumed wrongly that ecommerce solutions are best suited for business in developed countries only due to their economy and more buying power.
In fact we see ecommerce solution, its cost and benefits, we will find that ecommerce solutions are more beneficial for under developed countries.
Mostly in underdeveloped businesses find it difficult to get access to bigger markets and web site is the easiest, cost effective and efficient way to reach global markets and introduce your products on comparatively much lower prices than in developed countries.
Also as developed countries has more buying power, it is more likely that they will come to your site and purchase your products as compared to local clients visiting your shop.
Also in developed countries almost every one has credit card so it’s more likely that person visiting from other country make online shopping.
Developed country entrepreneurs may reach business in under developed countries and may have tie with them by helping them ecommerce solutions for their existing offline businesses.
Good web design and development company with proven track record for ecommerce development and ecommerce solution is required for ecommerce development but above all sound business skills is required to plan your ecommerce based web site development.

Ecommerce based web sites should have at following features:

1. Aesthetically good looking site

2. Easy to navigate

3. Good products display

4. Easy to buy

5. Easy to process payment

6. Reliable for payment processing


Shahid H. Qadri is internet consultant and affiliated with which is web site designing and development company.


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