Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to check is your site effective or not?

Whether it is ecommerce site or cooperate entity. It is important to know the effectiveness of your web site. People often don’t care about their web site if it is not generating any revenue but one should understand that revenue is not the only objective for any business. There are some long term objectives as well and among those objective reputation of the organization is the most important. Web site is the best tool to create reputation of your organization. Web site reflects the core identity of any organization and therefore it is important to know the effectiveness of your web site.

To know the effectiveness of your organization’s web site here are few tips to do. These will help you calculate the number of visitors interested in your web site and what they think about your web site.

1. Feedback form
2. Signup for Newsletters
3. Signup for email ids (if you are running a kind of portal)
4. Blogs
5. Forums
6. Polls
7. Google Analytic
8. Adsense (It not only generate revenues but also help knowing visitors trend)
9. Analysis of Raw Log file

Analysis of raw log file is the most important thing and one should know how to analyze raw log files. There are different software available to read log files and many of these are free. These raw files help in knowing the demography of your visitors. Sites from which your site accessed. Keywords used to access your site and lot more including visitors trend.

This is important to keep your site updated and know the feed back of visitors through above mentioned mechanism and then again update the site accordingly so the people keep visiting your web site.

Note Web site is your organization’s on-line personality.

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